Executive Coaching Program

Take the step to transform your business

and transform your life.

Get everything you need to make progress in all areas of your happiness bucket - health, wealth, and relationships.

Freedom is the fulfillment of what every entrepreneur desires. You don’t have to dance when you don’t want to, a fancy way of saying, "I am 'on' the business instead of 'in' the business."

But you would not be able to achieve freedom when you’re constantly putting out fires and not really getting ahead. You are and will constantly complain about:

Being chained to your desk and feeling burnt out from your routine.

Never-ending cycle of troubleshooting bottlenecks and setbacks.

Feeling in ‘stuck’ mode and does not know what it takes to propel forward

Just wanting to escape working with buyers and sellers

We believe for your business to be better, you have to become better.

We believe you cannot lead and coach another human unless you can lead and coach yourself first.

We believe there is a sequence and code to unlock anything you want in your life.

We believe everyone on the planet needs a great coach in their life.

We believe with a great coach in your life, your life will be better.

Executive Coaching Program

is a premier offering for real estate leaders who want to:

  • Focus on the bigger picture and hit their freedom number

  • Get out of the rat race and create something they're passionate about

  • Escape working with buyers and sellers

  • Achieve high business profitability and become the true CEO of their business

  • Achieve freedom and live an xXelerated life

Here's How It Looks Like


Private Coaching with our Executive Coaches

You'll have four (4) one-on-one coaching sessions with one of our Executive Coaches every month.

As the leader of your business, we will ensure that we are moving in the right direction. The process will include identifying potential issues and making adjustments as necessary, along with actionable items that can help you move closer to freedom.


Group Coaching with like-minded entrepreneurs

You'll have xXelerator Program access for you and your team.

This gives you access to weekly growth Q&A calls and monthly mastermind calls with John Kitchens. This is also a great platform to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs who are committed to taking their business and their life to the next level.


Coach Code Vault

You'll have access to Vault - our library of training and courses.

This is a member-exclusive portal where you can access tons of value for your branding and real estate training needs. Get access to our wide variety of resources from leading your team to business mastery.


Coach Code Community

You can connect with real estate leaders in this private Facebook group with all the members of the Coach Code community.

These members support, collaborate, and share with each other with a common goal in mind: to transform their business and transform their lives.

Our Executive Coaches

John Kitchens

John Kitchens is the most sought-after business growth and leadership development coach for real estate agents that want to build a business. John helps people become the best versions of themselves. He helps clients turn their real estate practice into a business which allows them to have an actionable plan to escape being a production agent and become the CEO and leader of their business.

Breaking apart goals into actionable systems and processes is what defines him. Whether it’s an Ironman finish, creating an organizational structure, or self-leadership principles through his consistency, daily disciplines, and habits, he helps identify and focus on the details that are vital and will lead to success and make big things happen. With over 14,000 coaching calls, his experience and broad perspective in all of the business dynamics allow him to bring clarity no other coach can.

Joel Hollo

Joel Hollo got licensed in 2008 and worked as an individual agent, specializing in new construction sales. 5 years later, Joel joined a team to help with the holes in his business along with managing systems and processes he was missing as an individual agent. Quickly he became one of the team's top listing agents followed by moving into the team's Director of Sales position.

Since then, Joel helped take that team from 9 agents to 50+ agents in 18 months. Currently, he is the team lead for The Ohio Home Team and has been coaching agents nationally with Kinder Reese/NAEA for 6+ years and has clients ranging from large teams to individual agents.

Joel is a 3-time ICON agent with eXp Realty, specializing in generating AND converting leads along with increasing listing inventory.

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